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16 października 2017 r.  /  Demo  /  Amiga
Sequential / Andromeda

Sequential is one of the best demos of Andromeda group and one of the best demos for Amiga. I can even say that it is one of the best demos in the history of the entire demoscene. Sequential has everything that need to have a brilliant demo: great code, graphics, music and design.

In addition to these features, Sequential has one more advantage: an idea that stands out from other productions. Demo is calm, balanced and philosophical. It raises questions and sometimes gives rise to thinking. And if you do not want to read between the lines, you can just immerse yourself in the sublime climate of production.

Sequential demo was created in 1994 by the Andromeda group and is an trackmo for Amiga 500. Demo was coded by Dr.Jekyll, Mr.Hyde and HeadX. Graphics: Archmage, Fairfax, Interphace, Quest, Decker and View. Music: Mr.Man.

Sequential was shown at Amiga demo competition during The Gathering 1994 party where it took first place.

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